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Welcome to our website! The need for better access to oral health for low-income students remains high. The biggest need is in providing treatment services to fix decay after it is identified.

About Dr. Cowan

Hello...Iím Dr. David Cowan. Since graduation from UAB Dental School in 1989, I have become aware of the strong need for improved dental care access within many areas across our state, especially in my hometown of Birmingham. Many children go without dental care and attend school in dental pain or miss school due to a toothache. Often times logistical barriers prevent them from seeing a dentist. † The school can create access to dental care and reduce barriers to learning through a proven collaboration with the dental community. Our program provides dental care at school to children who need it to become better learners. † I am pleased to offer the program to your school as well so that your students may benefit from better health and increased instructional time. Please contact us with questions and/or to schedule your school. We look forward to working with you. †


Dr. David W. Cowan, DMD Big Smiles Alabama

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Big Smiles uses a paperless clinical environment for improved HIPAA compliance and better security of documentation than paper can provide in a mobile environment.